About Elise Manion

Under the guidance of her publisher, BHC Press, Elise has written three novels in her King Brothers trilogy, Jason's Princess, Jarod's Heart, and Josh’s Challenge. She has also published three short stories for the anthologies A Winter’s Romance, The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove, and On The Edge Of Tomorrow, a gritty YA collection.


You can find Elise on the normal social media haunts like Facebook, and Twitter, but she prefers Instagram, and has recently become addicted to SnapChat “jackswritermom.”


Having lived with life’s little ups and downs lately, Elise feels that there’s only so much a woman can take before she flies from reality into the pages of an awesome book. And if she can’t find an awesome book? Then she writes one of her own.

What's Elise Working On Now?

  • A new stand alone about the troubles one can find with chocolate, an estranged husband, and an interfering father who owns part of your business.
  • A full-length paranormal romance that keeps invading her nightmares.
  • A contemporary romantic suspense with some very familiar characters … wink, wink!

Random Information

My taste in music is quite eclectic. My iPod contains everything from Of Mice and Men to Jason Aldeen to Casting Crowns to The Weeknd...and everything in between. Song lyrics and music can feed my muse like nothing else (or Nothing More … hmmm Jonny Hawkins’ abs. Lately, I can't get enough of the A Star is Born soundtrack. Talk about motivation!)


I still love the movie Brooklyn, but in 2018 I’m all about the Guardians of the Galaxy joining up with The Avengers!


I dislike commercials so much that we DVR everything. I don't want to be distracted while watching David Boreanaz on SEAL Team, Shemar Moore on S.W.A.T. or miss any of the shenanigans on Survivor. There are a plethora of fun series on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries such as Garage Sale Mysteries. They're such a fun way to get the muse going, and I don't want to miss a thing..


Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth.


My Man and I don't have normal conversations. We speak in 80s movie quotes. For example, if he's driving too close to another car and I point it out, he will say, "Rubbins racin', son." (Days of Thunder) Or, if I ask for money and he hands me the coins from his pocket, I'll ask, "Seven cents, Vern?" (Stand By Me) Our script is endless.


We watch football in our house, specifically The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and the Oakland  (soon-to-be Las Vegas) Raiders. This is sacrosanct.


My Man is my world.

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